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Student Scientific Society of Tissue Engineering


About us

The LBBK is the host for Student Scientific Society of Tissue Engineering. Members have the opportunity to learn many aspects of scientific and research work: from searching and proper interpretation of literature data, through the study of the laboratory techniques (including isolation and conducting in vitro culture of stem cells, methods of their controlled differentiation), designing and conducting their own experiments, and participation in research work carried out by employees of the laboratory.



The activity of the society is part of broadly understood tissue engineering - an interdisciplinary field of science, which through understanding the mechanisms responsible for stem cell differentiation and the interaction of human cells and tissues with biomaterials aims at obtaining implantable structures that are at least a functional equivalent of native tissues.


Join us!

People interested in tissue engineering and regenerative medicine are welcome to work together with us. At regular meetings, we review current literature in selected aspects of tissue engineering, discuss and expand our interests. Active members will have the opportunity to participate in the writing of publications and work with cell cultures in a high-class laboratory at the Center for Pre-clinical Research.

We encourage all members to apply for student grants, offering help in designing the experiments and completing the application correctly. We require a good knowledge of English language, a course in histology is very welcome.

If you are interested, please contact us via email at dudekdw@gmail.com. In the message, please provide personal details, year and specialization, index number.


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