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Laboratory for Cell Research and Application

Medical University of Warsaw

Partnering opportunities


The Laboratory for Cell Research and Application is a perfect partner for universities, research institutes, research centers or scientific consortia seeking for partners in the fields related to:

  • human tissues,
  • isolation of human and animal stem cells,
  • isolation of human and animal differentiated cells,
  • cell characteristics,
  • cytotoxicity,
  • differentiation of stem cells,
  • cells in standard cultures (2D) and scaffolding (3D),
  • biomaterials and biocompatibility,
  • the influence of physical and chemical factors on the behavior of cells,
  • testing of the manufacturing environment (microbiological and dust purity tests).

In order to establish cooperation in the above areas, please contact the LBBK office:


LBBK office

phone: +48 (22) 11-66-115

e-mail: lbbk@wum.edu.pl

Business Development Manager

Katarzyna Radej

mobile: +48 502 160 398

e-mail: katarzyna.radej@wum.edu.pl



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