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Medical University of Warsaw

Monika Humięcka, Msc

Monika Humięcka

Biologist at the Laboratory for Cell Research and Application, Center for Preclinical Research and Technology, Medical University of Warsaw.

Monika Humięcka graduated from the University of Warsaw, where she obtained her MSc degree in Biology with specialization in Cell Biology. She completed her Master’s thesis at the Department of Embriology, University of Warsaw, where she studied the pluripotency of mouse embryonic stem cells and mouse embryonic development. In years 2014 – 2018, she worked as a Research Assistant at the Department of Embriology, University of Warsaw. As a co-investigator she was responsible for the implementation of the projects related to the study of interspecific chimeras.

She has been employed at the Medical University of Warsaw since June 2018, where she is involved in the implementation of the “ABCtherapy” project.

Contact details: monika.humiecka@wum.edu.pl



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