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The Laboratory for Cell Research and Application of the Medical University of Warsaw Biobank (LBBK Biobank) collects human cells isolated from selected tissues (i.a. adipose and bone tissues) and selected cell types from animal tissues. An important feature of the LBBK Biobank collection is its diversity – cells come from men and women, sick, healthy and various age donors. The largest part of the repository’s collection is formed by mesenchymal stem cells which are isolated from human adipose tissue.


The collection of biological material deposited in LBBK Biobank includes:

Human cells:

  • stem cells derived from adipose tissue
  • cells isolated from adipose tissue cardiovascular fraction
  • stem cells derived from the bone marrow
  • cells isolated from bones
  • mononuclear cells from peripheral blood
  • dermal fibroblasts
  • keratinocytes
  • umbilical vein endothelial cells
  • cartilage chondrocytes cell line
  • cell line cells isolated from osteosarcomas
  • cell line monocytes from a patient with monocytic leukemia
  • glioblastoma
  • mesenchymal stem cells

Mouse cells:

  • cell line germ cells
  • cell line a mammary tumor

Pig cells:

  • cells isolated from bones
  • stem cells derived from adipose tissue

Small pig (mini pig) cells:

  • stem cells derived from adipose tissue

Sheep cells:

  • stem cells derived from adipose tissue 


Advantages of the LBBK Biobank:

  • Thanks to the participation of LBBK in the European initiative of the BBMRI-ERIC biobanks network, we have the possibility to implement state-of-the-art process and program solutions in the area of ​​biobanking.
  • Being a part of one of the largest medical universities in Poland, we have access to many collections of diversified clinical samples, which is a very attractive offer for researchers. In addition, the homogeneity of the Polish population, ensure greater homogeneity of the results obtained during the research provided with the use of our collections.
  • The LBBK staff has extensive experience in isolation and characterization of a variety of cell populations including stem cells, as well as in material engineering and selection of materials to optimize cell culture.
  • LBBK has equipment for experimental observation of cells (time-laps microscope) and for conducting advanced characteristics of FACS cells, RT-PCR. In addition, there is the possibility of genetic characterization of cells based on NGS technology.


Benefits for the Biobank customers:

  • The possibility to start creating your own sample collection without creating infrastructure;
  • Providing know-how regarding requirements, running processes, data management and good practice at every stage of biological material biobanking;
  • The possibility to conduct scientific research on your collection, thanks to the involvement of the Biobank team in experimental work;
  • Managing the storage of the collection in accordance with the latest standards;
  • Support of the collection owner in activities aimed at making the collection available to other entities;
  • Providing deposited sample collections with specific data on them;
  • Establishing contacts with clinicians who, at the request of an external institution, would create a collection of samples of interest to the external partner;
  • The ability to conduct scientific research on a selected pool of samples on behalf of an external entity;
  • Providing a digital inventory of samples collected in the biobank and substantive support in the selection of the right biological samples cohort;
  • Ensuring good practice in the transport of samples at home and abroad.


We invite to cooperation:

  • Public units operating in the area of medical services (clinics, hospitals, etc.);
  • Private units operating in the area of medical services (private clinics, hospitals, doctors' surgeries, dental offices, etc.);
  • Scientific and research institutions (e.g. universities, research institutes of the Polish Academy of Sciences);
  • Small and medium-sized biotechnology companies conducting R&D projects in the field of medicine, diagnostics, pharmacy;
  • Pharmaceutical companies looking for unique resources to conduct clinical trials on the Polish population.


Feel free to contact us!

Contact details: biobank@wum.edu.pl




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