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Patrycja Szpak, MSc

Patrycja Szpak

Patrycja Szpak is a graduate of the University of Agriculture in Cracow, where she earned her MSc degree in Biotechnology with specialization in Animal Biotechnology. She completed her MSc degree as part of the project “Cardiovascular ischemic injury regeneration using Wharton Jelly as unlimited therapeutic stem cells source(CIRCULATE) from the program STRATEGMED, at the Department of Transplantation of Jagiellonian University Medical College.

In 2017-2021 involved in the project STRATEGMED – “Diagnostics of gliomas based on circulating cell free tumor DNA” (Gliomed) at The Department of Histology and Embryology of WUM.

Contact details: patrycja.szpak@wum.edu.pl



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