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Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Facility

is a complex of ultra-modern laboratories, with rooms of A, B, C, D cleanliness classes, meeting the requirements of Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) and the PN-EN ISO 14644 standard.

The quality management system functioning in the laboratory was based on the requirements of Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP), the Regulation of the Minister of Health on professional and sanitary requirements for tissue banks and the principles of Good Clinical Practice.

Nikon Eclipse Ti inverted fluorescence microscope

is one of the most technologically advanced microscopes on the market. Automation in the microscope enables speed, repeatability and greater efficiency of research. The microscope can be used in bright field and fluorescence techniques. It is equipped with temperature, humidity and gas composition control systems. Thanks to that, this device can provide stable, fully controlled ambient conditions, which gives the possibility of imaging cells during culture.

7500 Fast Real-Time System thermal cycler

together with a dedicated PCR chamber, it allows you to perform both quantitative and qualitative determinations in real time. The 96-well plate format and the speed of the thermal cycles ensure high throughput of determinations in a very short time. A wide range of calibrated dyes increases the possibility of reagents used in experiments and allows for multiplexing of reactions. We also have the NanoDrop 2000 UV-Vis spectrophotometer by Thermo Scientific for quick analysis of RNA, DNA and proteins in small volumes.

CytoFLEX flow cytometer from Beckman Coulter

The modern Beckman Coulter CytoFLEX flow cytometer with CytExpert software, equipped with three lasers: blue 488 nm, red 638 nm and violet 405 nm, enables the analysis of 13 color markers. The device is characterized by high sensitivity and enables quantitative and qualitative measurements of physicochemical and biological cells and particles.

Spark plate reader by Tecan

The multifunctional Spark plate reader is the latest instrument that provides fast, sensitive and flexible testing. The device is equipped with the function of measuring absorbance, fluorescence, loss of fluorescence over time and fluorescence polarization of biological samples. The reader works under the control of SparkControl software, which allows quick analysis of the obtained measurement data. Additional advantages of the Spark reader are the equipment with temperature and humidity regulators, gas supply, heater and stirrer as well as a cell counter that ideally are successful in cell culture research. The latest technologies used have ensured the reader is intended for the most advanced scientific experiments.

Biospherix X-vivo System

a modular system for conducting cell cultures under controlled conditions. Unlike conventional culture and processing of cells in the open-air incubators and laminar chambers, it allows for a full control of the in vitro culture conditions. It offers the ability to grow cells in an aseptic environment with a controlled concentration of gases: CO2 (in the range of 1-20%) and O2 (in the range of 0.1-95%) in an environment of 37 °C. The device is used to study the impact of low O2 concentration on cells, i.e. hypoxia.