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Laboratory for Cell Research and Application

Medical University of Warsaw


The Laboratory for Cell Research and Application (LBBK) of the Medical University of Warsaw offers three forms of services based on cells isolated from human and animal tissues:


 1. The manufacturing of advanced therapy medicinal products (ATMPs)

As a certified laboratory with licenses, infrastructure, highly qualified staff and experience, we manufacture advanced therapy medicinal products (containing cells) in a form of:

  • clinical trials, i.e. advanced therapy investigational medicinal products (ATIMP)
  • custom medicinal product for a given patient, individually prescribed on doctor’s own responsibility, i.e. advanced therapy medicinal products - hospital exemptions (HE-ATMP)

We are currently manufacturing medicinal products based on Adipose Derived Stem Cells. The products are prepared for patients with three different medical indications: diabetic foot, scars and cutis laxa.

Cell Bank

Under the permission of the Polish Minister of Health, we have possibility not only to collect and process human adipose tissue, but also to process, store and distribute human cells isolated from it.

We are on the list of Tissues and Cells Banks on the website of the National Center for Tissue and Cell Banking.

The material collected in our Bank meets the highest quality and safety standards, thus it can be used to prepare cell-based medicinal products for clinical use.

Details of the offer for the manufacture of medicinal products can be found here.


2. The Biobank, containing collections of cells of various origins for the scientific research use.

In our Biobank, we have collections of cells isolated from human and animal tissues, which can be used in various types of research, i.e. basic research, application research and pre- and clinical research.

The LBBK Biobank offers a wide range of services in the field of management of biological material collections. Our services include isolation, processing, storage and characterization, research services and sharing the collections.

As a member of the BBMRI.pl Consortium, the LBBK Biobank takes an active part in the implementation of the idea and principles of the European Research Consortium BBMRI-ERIC, of which Poland is a full member. We belong, co-create and develop the Polish Biobanking Network. You can read more about our BBMRI-ERIC activities here.

Details of LBBK Biobank offer can be found here.


3. Research and Development

Taking advantage of belonging to one of the largest medical universities in Poland and the prestige of having the extensive practical experience of our experts, we conduct high quality scientific research in the in vitro cell culture conditions, at every stage of a project development, from experimental work to participation in clinical trials.

Our current research activities include:

  • own R&D projects,
  • R&D projects financed from domestic and European sources, in cooperation with leading scientific institutions in Poland
  • clinical trials (the Central Register of Clinical Research Study number UR.DBL.BLE.474.0447.2017)

Detailed information about the scope of our competences and possibilities of cooperation in scientific research field can be found here.




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