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Bioethical Commission

On November 16, 2020, the Bioethics Committee at the Medical University of Warsaw issued a positive opinion on the study entitled

"Research project in the field of biobanking of biological material for research purposes - creation of the LBBK-WUM Biobank"

thus stating that the study is acceptable and in line with scientific and ethical principles.


Quality Management

In our Quality Management System and daily work, Biobank LBBK is based on the highest international biobanking standards developed and recommended by BBMRI-ERIC and on the management principles in force at LBBK according to the ISO 9001 standard, to ensure the best possible customer service and cooperation with partners. The efficient functioning of Biobank LBBK is ensured by the use of an IT system for biobanks, developed by the team, which monitors many critical functions called BIMS (Biobank Information Management System). The introduced repository management system in Biobank LBBK MUW ensures safety and the highest quality of services related to banking, storage, characteristics and access to the Biobank collection.

Our collections meet the strict material requirements in the GMP standard. All collections come directly from the procedure or surgery, or from the Tissue and Cell Bank of our GMP Factory.



The mission of our Biobank is to support scientists in obtaining reliable research and development results at every stage. Including new product research, contributing to the introduction of new, improved drugs to the market, medical devices, including in vitro diagnostics.



The goal of our Biobank is to create a rich collection of well-characterized samples of biological material based on the highest quality standards, in order to contribute to increasing the level of credibility of basic research, clinical trials of drugs and clinical evaluation of medical devices using these samples.