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The project is financed by the Ministry of Science and Higher Education
(decision No. DIR/WK/2017/2018/01-1) as part of Poland's accession
to the European Research Infrastructure BBMRI-ERIC


"Establishment of a biobank network in Poland within the Research Infrastructure of BBMRI-ERIC Biobanks and Biomolecular Resources"


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The goal of the project

The main goal of the research project is to create a Polish Biobanking Network (PBN) within the BBMRI-ERIC Biomolecular Research Infrastructure for Research. The basic assumption of PBN is to bring as many entities as possible to collect biological material and provide them with substantive support in developing their biobanks / repositories.


The way of implementation

The Project is implemented by the BBMRI.pl Consortium, whose members act together to accomplish their tasks to achieve the main goal of the Project. Its aim is to create the consistent solutions in the field of quality control system, IT, recommendations regarding legal and bioethical issues, recommendations related to the collection and use of biological material for research purposes.

The Medical University of Warsaw is strongly connected with two tasks of the Project. It is responsible for the implementation of Task 1 which the subject is "Identification and characteristics of entities interested in joining the Polish Biobanking Network" and it is also a co-contractor of Task 5, which the subject is "Introduction of a uniform quality control system for all stages of the national biobanks functioning".

One of the basic goals of the Task 1 is to identify and characterize the entities interested in joining to the PBN. The implementation of this objective takes place through obtaining, from various sources, data about institutions that deal with broadly understood biobanking of biological material for scientific purposes. We are looking for units that deal with collecting, storing and testing human and / or animal biological material or broadly understood donors of this material data – regardless of the collection size or the level of the biobank / biorepository development.

At the same time, information and promotion activities regarding the Project are being carried out. It is crucial for us to information about the created Network reaches as wide as possible group of persons concerned.

One of our most important activities is also the development of Information Questionnaires, which enabled a quick and easy way to obtain information about institutions that are interested in joining the PBN and the characteristics of their collection.

An important part of the activities within Task 1 are partner visits. During the meetings, we would like to inform our potential partners about the assumptions of the Project, the principles of BBMRI-ERIC operation, principles of functioning the PBN and goals of building it. Moreover we would like to answer on questions from biobank representatives connected with those theme.

As part of task 5, implementation of a uniform quality control system is planned. Thanks such solution, biological material and data collected in Polish biobanks and bioreptors will meet the highest quality standards and as such could be used as a material for reliable scientific research.

An important stage in the implementation of this task will be the control of processes occurring at various stages of work with the biological sample and verification of the analyzes carried out.

Details about the implementation of the project can be found at http://bbmri.pl/pl/.



As part of the BBMRI.pl consortium, LBBK WUM is carrying out project tasks together with the following partners:

• Research Network Łukasiewicz - PORT Polish Center for Technology Development

• Medical University of Gdansk

• University of Lodz

• Wroclaw Medical University

• Medical University in Lublin

• Regional Science and Technology Center 


The duration of the project

March 2017 - December 2021


Project budget

The budget of the project is PLN 39.5 million, including the budget of the WUM - PLN 2 348 800


Contact person

Anna Chróścicka, PhD: anna.chroscicka@wum.edu.pl




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