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"Gliomed" project

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Project co-financed by the National Center for Research and Development under the Strategic Programme "PREVENTION PRACTICES AND TREATMENT OF CIVILIZATION DISEASES - STRATEGMED"


"Diagnostics of gliomas based on circulating cell free tumor DNA"

(nr umowy STRATEGMED3/307326/6/NCBR/2017)



Projekt "Gliomed"


The goal of the project

The development of a liquid biopsy-type method based on tumor free circulating DNA (cfDNA) in blood, which could be a quick and minimally invasive alternative to biopsy. The additional aims of the study are: comprehensive molecular characteristics of tumor genome and transcriptome as well as the use of 3D in vitro glioma cultures, i.a., under hypoxic conditions for screening of the content of stem cells and assessment of cells susceptibility to therapy in the environment of neoplastic niche.


The way of implementation

Gliomas are incurable despite progress in surgery, radiotherapy and chemotherapy. Specific diagnosis of the type of glioma, early detection of molecular progression, characterization of critical mutations or epigenetic characteristics in individual patient give hope to improve treatment results. It is planned to develop a comprehensive diagnostic test based on analysis of the material obtained from the tumor via surgery or biopsy (targeted NGS of 700 genes). The development of the diagnostic test will improve the effectiveness of treatment by adapting it to the molecular subtype of the tumor and "liquid biopsy" would improve the availability of diagnostics, patient comfort and safety, and new possibilities to monitor the course of the disease. The task of the team from the Department of Histology and Embryology of the Medical University of Warsaw under the leadership of dr Ilona Kalaszczyńska and in cooperation with prof. Andrzej Marchel - head of the SPCSK Department of Neurochiorurgy, will be using 3D glioma in vitro cultures, also in a hypoxic environment, to assess the characteristics of cancer cells and their susceptibility to therapy in an environment similar to a cancer niche. The results will contribute to better understanding of glioma biology, will allow identification of new molecular biomarkers, potential therapeutic targets and will provide a practical model to investigate a response to treatment under hypoxia. Molecular diagnostic test would improve treatment results by therapy individualization and liquid biopsy will improve safety, comfort and enable to monitor disease course and treatment in a new way.



  • Medical University of Silesia - Project Leader
  • Medical University of Warsaw
  • Nencki Institute of Experimental Biology, Polish Academy of Sciences
  • Academic Computer Centre Cyfronet AGH
  • Regional Science and Technology Center in Podzamcze 
  • Oncogene Diagnostics Sp. z o.o.
The duration of the project

Original duration of the project: 04.2017-09.2019.

The project has been extended until the end of  December 2020.


The value of the grant

7 809 757 PLN, including 2 557 250 PLN budget of the Medical University of Warsaw


Contact details

Ilona Kalaszczyńska, PhD: ilona.kalaszczynska@wum.edu.pl




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